North Of Disko II: Preparations


Learning the ropes with the kite buggies at Glassilaun beach, Connemara.

Can there be anything more enjoyable, on a cold winters evening, than snuggling down in front of the telly and watching a bunch of cold, tired and seasick explorers doing battle with the elements? Well, that is exactly what TG4 has on offer at 2000h on St. Stephen's Day.

In 2013 a small crew of sailors, climbers and kayakers set sail from the west coast of Ireland for the North West coast of Greenland. After a storm filled 18 days we reached Greenland’s south coast and continued north to Upernavik inside the Arctic Circle. Here the expedition split into 3 parts with the kayakers completing a 500 mile journey south, the climbers attempting a number of first ascents in their wake and a photographer gathering incredible images of ice from glacier top to melting icebergs.

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Simply put, we are a loose group of individuals who are all fascinated by the different corners of the earth. We are continuing the proud tradition of exploration so intrinsic to the Irish culture. Through our websites and blogs we want to invite as many people to be part of the adventure as possible.

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