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Jamie Young - Owner / Director, Killary Adventure Company

Jamie is the epitome of a salty old sea dog, with an almost mystical knack of finding what he calls ''interesting weather'' and the rest of the crew refer to as gales. However his experience in both business and in remote corners of the world will be invaluable in completing the goals of the trip. From a youth spent in Northern Ireland to formative years in Northern Scotland and a lifetime spent expeditioning around the world Jamie Young has an impressive CV. Single-handed across the Atlantic,Kayaked around Cape Horn in 1989 plus various other 'trips' all over the globe from Guinea Bissau to the south pole Expeditions

1976. Observer single -handed across the Atlantic (and back)
1977/79. Skipper of US racing yacht 'Ondine'
1980. Started LKAC Ltd
1987. Winner first Irish Adventure Marathon.
1989. Leader of successful Irish Cape Horn Sea Kayak Expedition.
1992. Leader of successful Guinea Bissau Sea Kayak Expedition.
1997. Member of 'South Aris' Sailing & Mountaineering team completing a re-enactment of Shackleton's epic boat trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia & a subsequent traverse of South Georgia..
2002. Attempt to kite buggy back from S Pole. Ultimately unsuccessful but we tried!
2007. Participant 2 handed in
2008. Participant with 5 man team in
2013. North of Disko expedition to the Arctic Circle with a crew of climbers, kayakers, a photographer and filmmaker.

Matthew Boyd – Cameraman

Matthew Boyd is a film maker from Dublin and will be documenting Daragh Muldowney's underwater exploits in 'Into The Blue'. A certified land lubber, Matthew will join the crew in Aasiaat for 5 weeks, filming the trials and tribulations of Daragh and the crew as they tackle the ambitious underwater photography project.

An Architect by trade, Matthew first picked up a camera in 2005 and since then has gone full time in to documentary and promo film making. Not a stranger to adventure, he has cycled to Poland, trekked in the Andes and travelled around southern India in recent years. For Matthew, the trip to Greenland represents a fantastic opportunity to observe the Inuit people and experience their way of life first hand, while documenting the epic and changing landscape, both cultural and environmental.

Daragh Muldowney - Photographer

Apart from an able bodied crewman and galley dweller, Daragh comes on board to help document the expedition through photography, specifically the documentation of ice from underwater as an art project with a view to publishing a book and hosting an exhibition around the project..

Daragh has a particular fascination with ice as he published a book and launched an exhibition entitled ‘ Out of Thin Air’ from the North of Disko expedition in 2013. This book recently won the 2015 FEP European landscape photobook of the year award. ‘Into the Blue’ is a follow on from this collection and he hopes to explore Greenland’s icy waters with a high end camera. Daragh has also published a hardback book entitled ‘ Jewellery Box - Ireland’s Hidden Gems’, a collection of rockpool images from every coastal county of Ireland. This collection has been widely acclaimed and since its completion has been exhibited in numerous venues internationally with the support of the Irish Embassies, Irish Consulates, Culture Ireland and Tourism Ireland. Cities that Jewellery Box exhibited in include Dublin, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Mexico, Berlin and Dubai.

Daragh’s interest in photography originally developed while scuba diving in 1992, when he was awestruck by being under water and the sights he beheld. Life under the sea was like another world, where he made an instant and profound connection with nature. Aiming to capture nature’s finer detail and convey some of it’s abstract beauty, Daragh’s work is a gentle reminder for us to appreciate our beautiful planet.

Daragh is a keen surfer, mountain biker and outdoors man. He has sailed with Jamie many times before before and has plenty of 'seatime' as an able bodied crewman. He also has good knowledge of rock & ice climbing after a few expeditions to the Alps. Daragh sells his work under the banner of Dúlra Photography which he established in January, 2003

Ciaran Lennon

Ciaran is passionate about outdoor sports and continues to embrace and seek new challenges through them. Ciaran's love of the outdoors started at the age of twelve when he started diving with Scubadive West in Ireland, which has led to him instructing in this field and many other activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and more. Pushing his limits around the world in Chile, Australia, Thailand, Reunion island, Egypt and of course the west of Ireland, forever looking for adventure and a challenge. Greenland is next on the list, diving under and around the ice and kayaking through it's many fjords. Ciaran's calm, patient manner in the outdoors has led him to live and work through his dreams respecting and embracing nature in all it's glory.

Summary travel of experience:
New Zealand: Hiking, Canyoneering
Egypt: Diving
Canary Islands: Diving, Rock Climbing
France: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Coasteering
Reunion Island: Diving, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Canyoneering, Surfing, Paragliding
Thailand: Diving, Free Diving, Rock Climbing, Hiking
Australia: Surfing, Diving, Hiking, Rock Climbing
Portugal: Diving, Coasteering
Germany: Skiing
Italy: Snowboarding, Sailing
Chile: Kayaking, Hiking, Surfing
Slovenia: Kayaking
Qualifications: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Emergency First Response & O2 provider
Instructor Free Diving
Instructor Remote Emergency Care Lv4
Expedition Commercially Endorsed Advanced Power Boat License STCW95, Sea Survival, VHF Short range Shore Based Yacht Master Kayak Lv3 Instructor River Safety Rescue Lv3 IACP Coasteering Skills & Rescue Mountain Leader Single Pitch Award (Rock Climbing) Survival & Bushcraft Skills

Josie Gibbons

Josie Ó Giobúin is from Camus, the heartland of the Conamara Gaeltacht, where Irish is his native language. He has a great interest in native cultures, and especially the Inuit people who live in Greenland and in the Artic, how they adapted to a harsh environment and with ingenuity built one of the most important means of survival - the Kayak. Josie is a carpenter who builds and paddles his own kayaks. His first visit to Greenland was in 2004, with four kayakers. They kayaked from Nanortalik south and around Kap Farvel, the southern tip of Greenland and back again to Nanortalik. They visited two villages, Frederiksdal and Augpilagtoq, travelled along the fjords and saw some of the old Inuit settlements .

“ I think Greenland is a very interesting place, so different from anywhere else that people have settled. Even though there are other Artic regions, Greenland is less accessible and more on the edge. The Inuit’s wealth was their intellect and physical resilience and they had to deal with a climate that is one of the harshest in the world, with cold, ice and darkness. Yet, they are one of the cultures that most welcomed strangers in their midst and shared with them what they had to share. We were always greeted by the Inuit children as we came ashore at the villages, they were so friendly and curious, it always has stayed with me. The scenery in Greenland is stunning, it draws everyone back who visits there. On this journey, I am delighted to be returning to Greenland, sailing like the first explorers did with the power of the wind with a first class crew”.

Adam Pasik

Born and raised in southern Poland, Adam has been resident in Ireland for over 7 years now. Also spent some 9 months in South America, travelling, working and volunteering in rural Brazil. Current Geography & Archaeology student at UCC. Fascinated by the outdoors, nature and travelling to remote areas of the world. Various travelling experiences, including hitchhiking across Europe, solo cycling trip across Venezuela or sailing in the North Atlantic. Martial arts practitioner, hiker, slackliner and runner in his free time.

2014- 4000 NM off shore sailing experience; Azores, North Atlantic, Bay of Biscay.
2012- solo cycling 2000km across Venezuela including the crossing of its Great Savannah and traverse of the Andes reaching 3600m amsl.
VHF Short Range Certificate
Powerboats cert lv 1
Remote Emergency Care lv 3

Andy Stuart- Cameraman

Andy is a skilled underwater cameraman, his work has featured on RTE and TV3. He learnt to dive as a teenager and later became a PADI scuba instructor working in Ireland and Australia where he first got his hands on an underwater camera. He now works as a freelance cameraman specializing in underwater filming.

“It has always been my dream to sail to the remote corners of the world to explore and film the wilderness”.


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