An expedition of the size and complexity of North Of Disko II is reliant on sponsorship from companies covering a wide spectrum of services. From specialist photographic equipment and recording tools through to hardware and clothing for the crew. And not forgeting food and provisions suitable for the arduous journey and adverse conditions.

We sincerely thank the following sponsors, without who this expedition could not take place. Please visit their websites, you may very well find something that hold your interest.

Please also note that all equipment and items supplied have been chosen not only with their functionality in mind but also with a view to minimising our carbon footprint.


As one may imagine, a journey of this type requires some extremely specialist equipment. We are lucky to have several of the finest extreme clothing manufacturers sponsoring us with warm, dry items designed to work within the actic and near arctic locations that we will be visiting.

Core equipment for both sea and land has also been forthcoming and will offer you to get first hand feedback on some of the latest innovations direct from the field. Please click HERE to view all of our core Expedition Sponsors.


One of our primary aims with this expedition is to film not only the breathtaking beauty of Greenland from land but also from below the waves.

This requires some extremely expensive and technically complex pieces of equipment, cameras and media. Of course it also means that our crew will need specialised diving equipment and tutoring to survive the ice cold artic waters. Our sponsors have been extremely genourous in helping us with this project and a full list can be found HERE


Any expedition this far north needs to consume thousands of calories a day, meaning that healthy, high energy nutrition is vital to the crew. As well as this, all provisions need to be able to fit onto the Killary Flyer. We learned many lessons in our previous trip North Of Disko and with the genourous help of our many provisions sponsors we will be enjoying a nutritious and varied diet whilst at sea and once we arrive. One or two crew members will still have memories of eating whale blubber and seal meat that they may wish to forget!

Please visit our sponsors pages, a full listing of which can be found HERE

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