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"Greenland is the largest island in the far North, on the very edge of most people’s imaginations. North of Disko II has a fascination with Greenland and the Arctic region from our experiences last time in ‘13 and from how climate change appears to be gathering momentum, and 56,000 people who live on the island deal with the consequences by changing and adapting. Greenlanders have survived for thousands of years in an environment and climate that we would find unmanageable.

What are we now doing that is effecting this way of life, which it surely is? As individuals and as a community? Are we globally at a tipping point- over population - religious polarisation and intolerance - climate warming through excessive hydro carbon use? Our aim and objective is to spotlight the practical consequences on a country and community faced with the first round. Will we be next?

We aim to visually record from underwater, from on the water and from the air, the physical aspects of this island. We would also hope to talk to and record some of the thoughts and issues that are now confronting the communities that live there. It is worth thinking about...

So please join us by following the blogs and the visual outcomes as these become available, and even ask questions of your own. The huge help and assistance of all those who have contributed in so many ways I hope will be reflected in our outcomes."

Official Launch December 16th 2014


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The Copper House Gallery are delighted to host a very dramatic and unique event 6 - 9pm on Tuesday 16th December 2014. Skipper of the Killary Flyer, Jamie Young, will launch North of Disko II: 2015 Expedition to Greenland.

A fascinating and engaging speaker, Jamie will present details of the proposed 2015 voyage, including plans for Ice Kites II: ice buggies powered by kites to circumnavigate Greenland and using a 2 wheel drive motorbike instead of helicopters to get access to the ice cap and to facilitate other aims and objectives.

Inspired by the critically acclaimed show Out of Thin Air, a photographic exhibition and photobook by Daragh Muldowney, the Killary Adventure Company wish to launch North of Disko II: the next expedition to Greenland planned for 2015. On exhibit since October 2014 at The Copper House Gallery, Out of Thin Air documents the work by Irish photographer Daragh Muldowney while in Greenland, recording the beauty of arctic ice sculptures. Muldowney will again set sail on board the Killary Flyer, with Skipper Jamie Young and his crew, to create a new body of work entitled Into the Blue, capturing the grace and beauty of the Arctic from underwater.

The exceptionally talented photographer Daragh Muldowney will speak about the process involved in making Out of Thin Air, photographic exhibition and photobook, as a starting point for his new work for 2015, using underwater photography and his considerable experience scuba diving.

Founded by Jamie and Mary Young, Killary Adventure Company has been offering adventure experiences in the west of Ireland for over 30 years, with adventure activities that range from bungee jumping to kayaking on Irelands only fjord. An intrepid adventurer, Jamie Young led the first Irish Kayak Expedition to circumnavigate Cape Horn in South America and was a team member of the South Aris expedition, that re-enacted Shackleton's famous adventure in the Antarctic. Founder of Gaelforce Events, Young leads the field in organising adventure challenges that have included the Connemara Adventure Challenge and the Turf Guy Challenge.

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Map Of Ireland

We will be utilising state of the art GPS navigation equipment on our expedition. Our co-ordinates will be fed back to our home base in Ireland and then updated on a series of maps

Communications may sometimes be slow but we would love to share our journey through this website and also via social media… You can follow us as we update our blog, social media pages, gallery and video diaries

Do you want to get involved..... Contact: Jamie Young for more details. 00353872427891 – young@killary.com


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Simply put, we are a loose group of individuals who are all fascinated by the different corners of the earth. We are continuing the proud tradition of exploration so intrinsic to the Irish culture. Through our websites and blogs we want to invite as many people to be part of the adventure as possible.

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