A mixture of youthful exuberance and experienced old heads, combined with a healthy level of competition among the crew, the voyage stands to be a clash of people, ideas and cultures, and all of it will be captured on camera!


JAMIE YOUNG Age 62 - Team leader
Jamie is the leader of the expedition and the epitome of a salty old sea dog, with an almost mystical knack of finding what he calls ''interesting weather'' and the rest of the crew refer to as gales.

However his experience in both business and in remote corners of the world will be invaluable in completing the goals of the trip. From a youth spent in Northern Ireland to formative years in Northern Scotland and a lifetime spent expeditioning around the world Jamie Young has an impressive CV. Single-handed across the Atlantic,Kayaked around Cape Horn in 1989 plus various other 'trips' all over the globe from Guinea Bissau to the south pole Expeditions -

1976. Observer single -handed across the Atlantic (and back)
1977/79. Skipper of US racing yacht 'Ondine'
1980. Started LKAC Ltd
1987. Winner first Irish Adventure Marathon.
1989. Leader of successful Irish Cape Horn Sea Kayak Expedition.
1992. Leader of successful Guinea Bissau Sea Kayak Expedition. 1997. Member of 'South Aris' Sailing & Mountaineering team completing a re-enactment of Shackleton's epic boat trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia & a subsequent traverse of South Georgia..
2002. Attempt to kite buggy back from S Pole. Ultimately unsuccessful but we tried!
2007. Participant 2 handed in www.azab.co.uk 2008. Participant with 5 man team in www.threepeaksyachtrace.co.uk.

ALI DONALD Age 37 - Kayaking expert

Ali has been drawn to water since an early age, and while still in nappies was found in the dishwater trying to paddle a saucepan! Ali is our Kayaking guru and he is sharing the skills he has perfected in whitewater trips all over the world.

He has been involved in competitive kayaking since 1986, and has travelled the world on many expeditions, exploring the wild rivers of every continent except Antarctica. Having studied Marine Science and been a schoolteacher, Ali now runs his own business, Saoirse na Mara, providing Sea Kayaking tours and coaching on the West coast of Ireland.

When he’s not in a kayak, Ali likes to climb, surf, sail, ski, fish, fix things – and generally do anything active in the outdoors. He holds many qualifications in Kayaking, Coaching, and Wilderness First Aid. He’s also a very proud dad and looks forward to many future adventures with his little daughter Ella. Wilderness Kayaking Expeditions ; Pakistan, Ethiopia, India, Norway, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Zambia, Uganda and the European Alps.

KEVIN O'CALLAGHAN First Mate - Kayaking expert

Kevin O’ Callaghan has over 30 years of experience in the outdoors across a wide range of adventure sports. His introduction began in Cork while in school in Mayfield, and his immersion has continued subsequently. Even though he works fulltime on the Outdoor Programmes in GMIT Castlebar, his mother still hopes he will get a ‘real job’ sometime soon.

His qualifications range across Kayaking, mountaineering, powerboating, sailing and orienteering. In addition to working at delivering the activities and instructor training, Kevin is also adventures himself either with family or whomever else can get the time to go. Some of these adventures have ranged from multi day trips on Irish water ways, to slightly more competitive journeys such as the Azores and back sailing race, Devizes to Westminister international canoe Marathon, Mourne Mountain Marathon and the Three Peaks yacht race. Kevin is also a member of an exclusive group of people who have landed on Rockall, that isolated outpost of Irish territory. Kevin is based in Galway, near the head of Kinvara Bay. His wife and family also share his passion for camping and journeying in the wilder more remote areas….. as long as the kids are allowed to bring a friend!

COLIN GIBBON Age 44 - Lead Climber

Colin is the expert climber on the expedition , having put in years of training on his regular trips to the US where he has successfully climbed a number of big walls including Nose on El Cap, Yosemite Valley, California a vertical mile.

Colin has been working in the outdoors for almost 30 years now. He first started working for Jamie and Mary Young in 1984 as an 20 year old instructor learning the ropes. He was soon skippering yachts and taking people up into the hills and mountains of Connemara. A qualified teacher in science, geography and Outdoor Education, Colin has spent a large amount of his life outside, including sailing the Atlantic several times and skippering a 46ft racing yacht. Colin moved on after a couple of years to continue his studies.Since 2001 Colin has been working at Shielbaggan outdoor centre as centre director.

Colins speciality on the expedition will be as a sailor and climber. When not working at Shielbaggan, Colin is having fun with his kids or trying to escape to go rock climbing.

Colin’s personal philosophy is: “don’t let any opportunities pass you by"

SHANE YOUNG Age 27 - Kayaking / General Dogsbody

Shane brings many skills to this expedition including sailing, kayaking and a little bit of everything else (apart from cooking). He sails regularly in Clew Bay aboard a 30ft racing yacht and has spent a childhood crewing for Jamie aboard various other yachts. Last year he took it upon himself to join Geo in the Devizes to Westminster Canoe marathon, which they finished in a respectable time of 22 hrs 40 minutes..

Shane headed off to New Zealand at 18 before returning to attend University in Dublin. Following this, he moved to Argentina where he played rugby for Cardinal Newman, one of the top teams in the country. While in Argentina he travelled and explored from the Northern steppes to Southern Patagonia. Shane is an avid racer and has competed in a number of different events from 3 day adventure races to 2 day mountain marathons. Over the years he has travelled from Argentina to New Zealand and has recently returned from a hiking expedition in the Caucasus. He is constantly looking for the next challenge and has always dreamed about going to the North Pole. This is halfway to completing his dream.

CLAIRE RIORDAN Age 35 - Film Maker

Claire joins the crew as lead filmmaker and aims to document the whole expedition from start to finish. She originally studied zoology at NUIG and spent a number of years working as a marine biologist both in Ireland and abroad before completing her Masters in Science Communication in 2002.

During the past ten years she has worked as a communications and marketing consultant in New Zealand, Africa and Australia, writing and presenting information on topics ranging from climate change to pesticides in food, to the public and affected communities. She has recently returned to Ireland after studying Documentary Film Making at the MET Film School in London. Since then, she has been developing documentary ideas from her experiences, producing promotional short films for sporting events and working with Killary Adventure Co. in the West of Ireland on their marketing campaigns. The expedition documentary 'North of Disko' will be aimed at a national broadcast audience.

DOUGAL FLEMING Age 25 - Kayaker
Dougal completed his FAS outdoor Activity Instructor Traineeship in 2007. Since then he has instructed in all of these disciplines and has been employed as a guide on bicycling and whitewater rafting tours, canyoning and skiing.

His own personal travels have taken him kayaking on the Ecuadorean Amazon and through Patagonia. His sailing experience is limited to one attempt with a small crew sailing to the Azores in 2006, which was abruptly cut short by stormy seas. Dougal is the youngest person on board and hopes this will be the first of many expeditions. .


DARAGH MULDOWNEY Age 41 - Photographer / Crew
Apart from an able bodied crewman and galley dweller, Daragh comes on board to help document the expedition through photography, specifically the documentation of ice as an art project with a view to publishing a book and hosting an exhibition around the project.

Daragh has a particular fascination with ice and has produced a previous collection entitled 'Sand & Ice' where he travelled to the Sahara before taking himself and his campervan to Iceland to photograph the contrasting subject matter in opposing climates. More recently Daragh has published a hardback book entitled 'Jewellery Box - Ireland's Hidden Gems', a collection of rockpool images from every coastal county of Ireland. This collection has been widely acclaimed and since its completion has been exhibited in numerous venues internationally with the support of the Irish Embassies, Irish Consulates, Culture Ireland and Tourism Ireland.Daragh’s interest in photography originally developed while scuba diving in 1992, when he was awestruck by being under water and the sights he beheld. Life under the sea was like another world, where he made an instant and profound connection with nature. Aiming to capture nature’s finer detail and convey some of it’s abstract beauty, Daragh’s work is a gentle reminder for us to appreciate our beautiful planet.Daragh is a keen surfer and outdoors man. He has sailed with Jamie, Geo and Shane before as part of the 3 Peaks Yacht Race and has plenty of 'seatime' as an able bodied crewman. He also has good knowledge of rock & ice climbing after a few expeditions to the Alps. Daragh sells his work under the banner of Dúlra Photography which he established in January, 2003. www.dulra.com


Jane GalLwey started rock climbing in her early teens, following her dad up cliffs around Ireland and abroad, including the Alps and the Verdon Gorge. A summer in Pembroke on her own got her lead climbing up to the extreme grades, and over the next few years, climbing became a lifestyle, with trips to North American, Morocco and Oman, working in climbing shops in between.

Most recently she has concentrated on big wall climbing, including in multi-day solo ascents of El Capitan and Washington Column in Yosemite Valley in California. She is in her final year at DIT, where she has been studying geomatics, and has just accepted her first graduate job with a mine surveying company in Cornwall.


Stephen works as a software developer but spends his free time getting as far away from computers as he can. He's been climbing for the last 8 years and his previous adventures have brought him all around Ireland and the UK, as well as Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Oman and Jordan.

Stephen started climbing when he went to Dublin City University and soon became obsessed with the sport. He loves the places that climbing has brought him and he tries to never let an opportunity pass him by. He spends his weekends over the summer chasing dry weather and dry rock across the country. In the past he worked as a sailing instructor in Ireland and the USA but these days he can be found racing yachts in various on-shore and off-shore competitions around the country. The combination of sailing and climbing in Greenland would be a dream come true.



The centre point of this whole voyage is the beautiful Yacht the ''Killary Flyer'' previously ''Noreyema''. She is a 49ft ex-Admirals cup racing yacht. Built in 1979 in Aluminium and refurbished in 2003 she has been in Killary since 2002 when she arrived from Spain.

She has been constantly upgraded over the time to the stage where she is now ready for some high altitude exploring. She sleeps eight at a push but is probably a bit more comfortable with 6 crew. In the capable hands of an experienced crew she will fly along at 8-10 knots. Hopefully we will be able to show off her capabilities over the course of the expedition. Trips in recent years include the Azores, the Scottish Isles, France, Spain, England and numerous trips around the beautiful west coast of Ireland.

Leading up to the Volvo Ocean Race in Galway in 2012 she came second in the annual Round Rockall Race, sailed single handed by Jamie. Our home away from home for the coming expedition has been fitted out for sailing in high latitudes, with a diesel stove, insulation, HF radio and room for hanging Shane's home cured ham! Little comforts are all taken care of.